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30 Day Photo Challenge - Travelers Edition

October 29, 2020

During these trying times I wanted to create something fun to reminisce on past travel memories I had. I've seen these types of challenges surfing Instagram stories before and wanted to design one of my own. Reflecting on past travel memories sparks joy and reminds me how beautiful the world is, which I think is something everyone needs to be reminded of these days. Join me on this 30 Day Instagram Photo Challenge!

  1. Photo of your favorite city (to date)
  2. Showcase the best food you've had
  3. Anything airport! Gate shots, waiting for your airplane, how you kill time waiting for that delayed flight. Get creative!
  4. At one with nature
  5. Your travel bag
  6. Give me a beach!
  7. Adrenaline junkie
  8. Traditional clothing from a part of the world
  9. In the mountains
  10. Colorful places
  11. Greenest spaces
  12. Something spontaneous
  13. First ever.... (you choose)! Could be your first ever flight, solo trip alone, first time at a hostel.
  14. Best sunset ever
  15. Your scariest travel story
  16. The moment where and when you fell in love with travel
  17. Experiencing local transit
  18. A trip to the local market
  19. Travel mishaps
  20. Awesome accommodations!
  21. Fascinating buildings
  22. Up high in the sky
  23. Home Sweet Home
  24. Overcoming a great fear or obstacle
  25. Your favorite travel day or memory... one that brings butterflies to your stomach when you think about it
  26. Greatest and cutest cafés
  27. View from out the window. Could be a window seat plane pictures, or the view from the 4th floor of your accommodation
  28. Video snippet of anything cool
  29. Tourist signs
  30. The friends you met along the way

Get creative with these, let your imagination run wild and most importantly, share your photos with me! Take me @travellewithelle and use #IGTravellerschallenge.


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