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Hello! Bonjour! Hola! My name is Eleanor, but people call me Elle and I'm a solo female traveler based out of Toronto, Canada. During my second year of studying tourism, I left for my first solo adventure to Scotland and Ireland after plans fell through with a friend. Unsure of how the heck I was going to manage to travel alone in an unfamiliar country, I got on that flight and came home with a new found love for solo travel. While the plane landed and I was waiting for everyone to figure out where they stored their luggage and disembark the aircraft, I had time to plan my next trip out of the country, to Peru! This was a whole new level of adventure and I couldn't wait to see where else I was going to explore.

That brings me to today, after over 500 days of waiting to travel again, I have booked another flight to Central America where I will be living and exploring for six months. 

Based on the first few trips I had as a solo female traveler, I realized just how misconceptions and fear there were about travelling independently. I want to connect more ambitious travelers to live out their aspirations for travel by leading the way on my own adventures and sharing my personal experiences.

My passion for the travel and tourism industry has certainly heightened after the global pandemic we have all been facing and I cannot wait to help build up and support the global tourism industry. 


Where I have been 

6 countries | 3 continents | 12 flights | 28,080 kilometers flown


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Sponsored Social Media Posts

Tourism Development & Promotion

Destination Marketing Campaigns

Commerical Filming

Travel Product, Site and Brand Reviews

Photography Opportunities

Brand Ambassador

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